When do you go for an Air Purifier for your Room/Home?

When and under what circumstances is it wise to buy an Air Purifier and what are the probabilities that it will prove to be worth every dime?

This question haunts people who suffer from Respiratory ailments. People are exasperated with the high pollution levels sneaking into their beautiful homes.

Air Purifiers are heavily marketed and ad campaigns leave no stone unturned in trying to convince you that your life is indispensable without one. It is very hard to decide whether investing in an Air Purifier is a good idea or not.When do you go for an Air Purifier for your Room/Home?

First, let’s list all the situations where buying an Air Purifier is a good idea and is very beneficial to everybody in the vicinity:

  • If you have somebody with a severe Allergy/Asthma problem or chemical sensitivities, then it is an excellent idea to buy an Air Purifier. Depending on the degree of sensitivity, go for higher-end models. Cheap models only perform necessary purification, so highly sensitive patients need more powerful devices.
  • If you have a smoker in the house or a neighboring house or if you have an area in your house that’s susceptible to a foul odor, then you can go for a medium or low-end Air Purifier that you can place close to the source of the gaseous pollutant.
  • If you are always surrounded by fumes from everyday household products like Disinfectants, Cleaning Supplies, Paints, Adhesives, and Varnishes.
  • If your home or office is close to a busy road or a major industrial area, you need an Air Purifier to protect yourself from the dangerous pollution.When buying an air purifier is good for your home or office

When NOT to buy and use an Air Purifier:

  • If there is no real pollution or respiratory problem faced by you or the people it is intended for.
  • If you have a tight budget, do not invest in a high-end Air Purifier to prevent incurring excessive costs.
  • If your needs are limited, consider going for a low-priced Air Purifier from a good brand.
  • If you have children or infants in the house, refrain from using an Ionic Air Purifier regularly since the Ozone gas emitted from Ionic Purifiers cause health problems to children and sensitive adults.
  • If you have sensitive, expensive electronic equipment, don’t use an Air Purifier too often or too close to them.

Air Purifiers are intended for a particular purpose and are not mandatory to be used by everyone. Large, expensive Purifiers are not essential, but if you can afford one, it is not a bad choice either.

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