Various ways of keeping Air Fresh and Clean in your house

The importance of breathing in fresh and clean air has been reinstated to us at various instances of our life. From early on, when we were in school, teachers emphasized on breathing clean, fresh air.

However, back then, we never really realised the magnitude of this plea of theirs. But as one grows older, one grasps information much better.

By the time we reached teenage years, one could see each other preaching this same lesson to younger kids.

Different ways of keeping air fresh and clean at home natually

Finding clean and fresh air in today’s world is almost like finding gold. It’s rare. Not just rare, in fact, extremely rare.

With the increase in population levels, pollution too, has gone off the charts. Automobiles, factories, industries, etc. they all contribute to air pollution.

The numbers of all of them have increased over the last decade and this trend is likely to continue.

So, what do we do? How do we combat this? Is there a solution?

The first thing that an individual can do is start from their own houses. Breathing clean and fresh air is everybody’s right.

The fact that it’s hard to get doesn’t mean we should give away our right. Challenges are meant to be overcome and in this article, we will be giving you a couple of tips to keep the air at home, fresh and clean.

  • Let the air force come in”. Ever heard of this saying? Grammatically incorrect but it puts across the meaning. Improve your house’s ventilation. By doing so, one can ensure that fresh air is always prevalent indoors.


  • Replace the normal candle sticks present at home with beeswax candle sticks. It’s cleaner and more efficient as well. Furthermore, a number of toxic components that are present in the air are buzzed off, due to its ionization prowess.


  • The best way to keep the air at home fresh and clean is by growing and looking after your own, mini-garden. There are certain plants that can do this job better than others. A few examples would be: Chrysanthemum, money plant, Chinese evergreen, various kinds of palm etc.

Here is one interesting video to watch to get to know more on what kind of plants to be grown at home to purify air

Here is another highly popular video which explains various ways of keeping house clean.

The best approach any one would say is grow as many trees as possible near to your house and keep small plants inside the home to make the air surrounding your house clean and healthy.

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