SHARP FU-A80E-W model Air Purifier Review

The FU-A80E-W by Sharp is an advanced HEPA Air Purifier which falls under higher price range. It is high priced because you can switch between Active and Passive Air Purification, according to needs.

The most compelling aspect of this model of Air Purifier by Sharp is that it is integrated with all Air Purification technoloSHARP FU-A80E-W model Air Purifier Reviewgy like Ion Generator, HEPA Filter, Active Carbon Filter, and Dust Sensor.

Sharp claims to provide a balanced combination of these features. Its air purifiers aim to provide effective and efficient Air Purification of any room.

This is a high-end Air Purifier with a maximum coverage area of 680 square feet. This is the most exciting and Ultimate Air Purifier for any home or office.

Sharp has years of experience manufacturing top-of-the-range kitchen appliances and television sets. Sharp’s foray into the Air Purifier industry has indeed resulted in a compelling product.

The Sharp FU-A80E-W is one of the India’s best-selling, high-performance Air Purifier.


It has the following Advanced Air Purification features:

  • It is integrated with a True HEPA Filter that targets and eliminates PM 2.5 particles.
  • Ionisation occurs through a Plasma-Cluster Ion Generator that targets bacteria, gases, and odours. It has a lifespan of approximately 19,000 hours and produces no Ozone gas.
  • It has a very high CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 480 m/hour which is an excellent rate.
  • There is an additional outsourced pre-filter, not manufactured by Sharp that is expected to improve and assist the HEPA Filter.
  • The Active and Passive Air Purification technology cleans the room’s atmosphere and object surfaces.
  • It has a dust sensor to measure air quality and some contaminants present at any time.
  • Other useful features of the device include a low noise output of 53 dB, Auto Restart functionality.


What do customers say about the Sharp FU-A80E-W Air Purifier?

SHARP FU-A80E-W model Air Purifier Reviews India


  • Silent operation.
  • Integration of many features into a single product.
  • Advanced features, easy user interface.


  • Expensive product.
  • Users reported that SHARP customer service is not very competent.

SHARP is an old and famous brand. The fact that they have ventured into Air Purification with a bang by producing a very powerful product demonstrates their dedication and commitment towards satisfying customer needs and meeting the market demand. Although expensive, this is a high-end, advanced, sustainable Air Purifier one could buy in India.

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