Philips AC4372/10 63-Watt Air Purifier Review

The Philips AC4372/10 is a beautiful, white Air Purifier that falls under higher end price range with extensive features. True to its high price, it has all the amazing features that a modern high-tech Air Purifier must possess.

Very stylish in appearance, Philips never fails to impress with its sophistication. Even with this Air Purifier model, Philips has struck gold.

Although large, this is not a bulky or heavy device and it is guaranteed to easily fit into a corner of your home, silently working to usher in fresh air into its confines, adding great beauty to its interiors.Philips AC4372/10 63-Watt Air Purifier Review

Following are the most striking features of the AC4372/10 model air purifier from Philips brand:Philips AC4372/10 63-Watt Air Purifier user Reviews online India

  • It has a Smart Sensor which has a technologically superior functionality to precisely indicate real-time indoor air quality.
  • The Purification technology embedded into this Air Purifier model is Philips’ VitaShield IPS Professional Filtration System. What’s great about it? The technology is designed to target and eliminate major indoor air pollutants like ultrafine dust particles, Allergens, Bacteria, Viruses, and harmful gases like Formaldehyde, Toluene, and TVOC with size greater than 0.02 microns.
  • It has different modes of operation like Silent Mode, Auto Mode, Timer, and Turbo Mode, and 6 fan speed settings to choose from.
  • There is also a Child Lock and a Light Sensor that detects lights turned off when you sleep at night and shuts down its own lights as well.


Philips AC4372/10 63-Watt Air Purifier Review:

Pros:Philips AC4372/10 63-Watt Air Purifier Review

  • Best Air Purifier for medium sized rooms.
  • Beautiful body.
  • Smart features.
  • Not Bulky.
  • Makes for a great home décor piece apart from being useful.
  • Asthma patients reported great benefits from using this Air Purifier.



  • Expensive product.
  • All may not need this kind of high end air purifier as their need can be fulfilled with any affordable air purifier.

The AC4372/10 is one of the best among Philips’ Smart range of Home Appliances. Smart Operation coupled with appealing design makes it truly worth the price.

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