Philips 3000 series Air Purifiers in India – Advanced Purifier for quality air in Home

Philips, one of the biggest sellers of air purifiers in India,  recently launched the 3000 air purifier series  which is their latest innovation in this field.

Before the 3000 series came the 1000 and 2000 series, both of which have now become comparatively obsolete. They are still sold in the market but in terms of technology, they lag behind the 3000 series. So now comes the important question.

What can one expect out of an air purifier belonging to the 3000 series air purifiers?

Best Philips brand 3000 series air purifier to buy online in India

In one word, clean air. But of course, that’s never enough. You want to know how clean the air will get, what features these air purifiers come with, the price range and other such details. So that’s exactly what we will give you.

Price range: These aren’t your ordinary air purifiers. A lot of study has gone into its engineering. And the price too, reflects this. The most basic model will cost one somewhere around 20,000 Rupees, while the most expensive model can go even beyond 40,000 Rupees.

Technology incorporated: The most important part of an air purifier is the technology that is uses to clean the air. The Philips 3000 series uses the most sophisticated and efficient technology for this purpose.

AeraSense and VitaShield IPS Technology is what does the job. The former of the above mentioned systems is primarily responsible for the purification of the air.

Watch the video below to get to know more on Aerasense ,new sensing technology for air purifiers from Philips.

It allows the air purifier to make automatic, precise and spontaneous adjustments to its working. While the latter system is the one that really does all the ‘dirty work’.

It cleanses the air to the most minute of degrees possible and while doing this, gets rid of all the foul odour and bacteria as well.  99.97% purity? It’s the VitaShield IPS Technology that really lets this happen.

Features: Each model in the 3000 series, more or less, uses the above mentioned technologies for air purification. However, they all have few features here and there that allow product differentiation.

The most basic features include, air purification and elimination of bad odour. All of the models do this. But there are some models that offer more and of course, they cost more, too. Smart sensors, elimination of pollen and other allergen, sleep mode etc. are examples of these more advanced features.

Another important thing to note here is the area covered by air purifier and 3000 series air purifier covers more than 1000 sq.ft. It is in fact the only air purifier which can cover area of this size.

Here is another useful video to get to know some more details and features of Philips 3000 series air purifier.

Clean air delivery rate is another feature which you should be aware of and this delivers around  367 m3/h,which is highest if you compare any other Philips model.

Timer can be set for 24 hours which is also unique for this model as other models allows you around 8 hours or 12 hours only.

It also comes with 5 step fan speeds with turbo option.All various modes are available like Auto mode,silent mode,sleep mode and night mode.

Currently Philips 3000 Series AC3256 AeraSense Air Purifier is the only model available for sale in the Indian market.

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