Philips 2000 series Air Purifiers in India – What you need to know before buying

After the success of the 1000 series air purifiers, Philips decided to launch an upgraded version of their air purifiers. Upgraded air purifiers came out, belonging to the 2000 series of air purifiers.

When a company upgrades the features of a product, the price of it too, generally rises. In this article, we will analyse the series 2000 air purifiers from three different angles:

  • Price
  • Features
  • Technology

Best Philips 2000 series air purifier to buy online in India

Price: There are a number of different models that are part of the 2000 series. Based on their features and size, generally, their price varies. The cheapest model, today, will cost one approximately 18,000 INR. Some of the more expensive models reach prices of 25,000-30,000 INR.

Features: For years, features have been one of the key factors that allow companies to sell different variations of the same product in the light of different models.

All the air purifiers that are part of the 2000 series have efficient air-filtration features, coupled with additional pros like automatic air quality detection, allergen mode, bacteria mode etc.  The efficiency of these filtration techniques is down to the technology used.

Another important aspect of these air purifiers are about Ozone as they are 100 percent Ozone free.It also got air quality indicator in 4 different colours.

Technology incorporated: Almost all the air purifiers that are sold by Philips are protected via the VitaShield IPS technology that ensures that air purifier efficiently does its primary job of cleaning the air.

There are some models that in addition to this, support AeraSense technology too. The ability of an air purifier to monitor air quality and make the necessary adjustments as per the air quality is down to this technology.

Here is an useful video to get to know more on Philips brand air purifiers and how they can b easily maintained at home.

Below is another useful video where you could see the demo of Philips company Air purifier.

Currently there are 2 models available for sale under Philips 2000 series and they are AC2882 Air Purifier and AeraSense AC2887 Air Purifier.

These are medium price range air purifiers from Philips brand and not suitable if you want only latest air purifiers. Then Philips 3000 series air purifiers are the best for you.

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