Philips 2000 Series AeraSense AC2887 Air Purifier Review

The Philips AeraSense AC2887 is a stunning, White Bodied Air Purifier available for price below 20,000 rupees in India.

It is designed to tackle PM 2.5 Air Pollutants commonly emanating from Vehicular and Industrial Pollution in the major cities.

Philips’ 2000 Series Air Purifiers are mid range of devices equipped with the latest and most powerful Air Purification Technology to generate clean air every day.

The AC2887 has inbuilt AeraSense technology that measures and displays PM 2.5 levels using a professional grade sensing technology.

It is a large, 2 feet tall device so you might want to move your furniture and make lots of space before you decide to buy it.

The AeraSense Technology is accurate in detecting dust less than PM 2.5 and shows Air Quality Feedback on the numerical display.


There is a display panel on top of the Air Purifier which is based on a simple UI. Here, you can choose between various Air Purifier models like Allergy Mode, Sleep Mode, Timer Mode, Child Lock Mode, etc.

You can also choose fan speed between 1 and 5. The Sleep Mode has a very low noise level of 20.5 dba, guaranteed to give you a sound and refreshing sleep every night.

Sleep Mode reduces fan speed, noise level, and also dims the lights. Even when the device is not in Sleep Mode, the noise level of the AC2887 is hardly noticeable.

It has 3 Air Purification settings namely, General, Allergen, and Bacteria/Virus.

Depending on your preferences, choose the mode that best suits your requirements. This Air Purifier is best suited for room sizes of up to 851 square feet.

The architecture of the device is aerodynamic in nature, facilitating better and efficient airflow.


Philips 2000 Series AeraSense AC2887 Air Purifier Review:

Pros:Philips 2000 Series AeraSense AC2887 Air Purifier Review

  • PM level brought down in just a few minutes of use.
  • Easy Installation and Operation.
  • Modern, technologically advanced purifier.
  • Affordable.


  • The filter cannot be cleaned or replaced.
  • Bulky, heavy, and high-end Air Purifier.
  • Price tag may not fit all budgets.


The Philips AC2887 rapidly reduces all suspended particles and other forms of air pollutants.

The measure of all these particles is displayed. It is soundless even when the fan speed is high. It’s an excellent model by Phillips and works seamlessly even in the bedroom.

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