Philips 1000 series Air Purifier – All you need to know

Launching a product line for the first time always has implications. If it’s successful, the product line will continue and year-after-year, the product will be improved.

The perfect example being an iPhone. However, if the product line isn’t so successful, the possibility of discontinuance is always looming above one’s shoulder.

The Philips series 1000 air purifiers were a success. The fact of the matter is that, this basic model is now continuously being revamped and as a result of which the series 2000 and series 3000 air purifiers were born.

What makes a Philips air purifier part of the series 1000 line?

Best Philips 1000 series air purifier in India

Let’s answer this question from three different perspectives: Price, Features and Technology incorporated.

Price: Naturally, a modest product has a modest price. All air purifiers under the series 1000 air purifier category from Philips company are modest products. The price of these air purifiers starts from around 10,000 rupees.

Features: First things first. Please do take note of this: Not all the air purifiers in this series have the exact same features. The features mentioned in this paragraph is in a summary form, taking into consideration the different models.

The special auto mode is an attractive feature of these products. When the air quality drops to a certain level, the air purifier automatically begins cleansing the air. Automation, at its best.

Furthermore, these air purifiers are quiet and come with a child-look feature that comes in handy at times.

Technology Incorporated: The technology that all the series 1000 air purifiers use is the same. Philips has a certain standard to maintain and to maintain that standard, it makes sure that most of its air purifiers use a certain technology, that’s proven to be effective.

Philips has introduced 2000 series air purifiers and 3000 series air purifiers after 1000 series.

The name of the technology is VitaShield IPS. It does the necessary filtering out of all the particulate matter and at the same time, helps eliminate the foul odour of the surrounding environment.

This is possible because of the superior NanoProtect HEPA Filter. The filter, combined with the cleansing technology is what contributes to pure, clean air.

Here is one of the interesting videos to watch to get to know more on Philips Air purifiers and how they can be maintained easily at home.

Currently there are 2 models under 1000 series in India and they are AC1215/20 Air Purifier and NightSense AC1211/20 50-Watt Room Air Purifier.

Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20 Air Purifier is one of the top selling air purifier in India and is also the cheapest Philips air purifier you could buy in India.

Low cost doesn’t mean,not many features. In fact it has got most of the required features one would expect in an Air purifier and suites very well if you are going to use it out for the first time.

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