Kent Ozone Wall Mountable Air Purifier Review

The Wall Mountable Air Purifier by Kent is an affordable device available in India. It performs air purification by producing Ozone gas to eliminate room air contaminants like Dust, Gases, and Micro-Organisms.

Kent aims at providing an easily installable, effective Air Purifier with great user interface.

The working mechanism of the Kent Ozone is as follows:

Kent Ozone Wall Mountable Air Purifier Review

The device has a fan that sprays Ozone gas produced by the device. The spraying of Ozone gas is done very quietly and in a way that is most efficient/far-reaching across the room.

According to Kent, the Ozone gas, an environment-friendly Oxidant is most effective in neutralizing air pollution.

The Ozone gas is not produced using any consumables. The device uses the Oxygen present in the room to produce Ozone. This technology is known as Ozone Disinfection.

Energy consumption of this Air Purifier is economical and efficient. It requires a 12 V DC input and 9.6 W of rated power to function.

Ozone output produced by the device is 150 mg/hour, and the ideal room size is 400 square feet.


This Air Purifier by Kent claims to be able to kill Bacteria, Viruses, Fungus, and other Pathogens from the room atmosphere and prevents bacterial growth.Kent Wall Mountable ozone Air Purifier review by users in India

A 3-mode selector and silent operation are other noteworthy features of this Air Purifier model highlighted by the company.

This Air Purifier is best suited for use in Bathrooms and Restrooms for neutralizing foul odour, cigarette smoke, etc. and to supply fresh air.

It comes in two models namely, a wall mountable, remote controlled model number TY-500 and a Desktop model TY-100B.

Kent Ozone Wall Mountable Air Purifier Review:


  • Wall mountable, easily installable device.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Efficient, silent operation



  • Ozone gas produced during Air Purification is toxic.
  • Poor Customer Service by Kent.
  • This is not a high-end Purifier that performs 100% effective Filtration.

If you are looking for a basic Air Purifier model to use in your bathroom or storage room, you can go for the Kent Ozone Wall Mountable. It is very affordable, can be easily installed, and is available in two models. Do not use it regularly around children due to the Ozone produced by it.

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