Gliese Compact 25-Watt HEPA Room Air Purifier Review

The Gliese Compact is an attractive, white Air Purifier available for very modest price in India.

Gliese aims at innovating in home purifier technology to turn your home into a blissful, clean, and fresh haven for you and your family to thrive in.

It is designed to target and remove PM 2.5 and PM 2.10 dust particles, gasses, nicotine residue from tobacco smoke, pet dander, allergens, bacteria, and viruses.

It is visually appealing, light, compact, and is the best Air Purifier for your bedroom or your kids’ room.Gliese brand Compact 25-Watt HEPA Room Air Purifier Review

The best and unique feature of the Gliese Compact is its round shape and 360° Air Purification.

This works by reaching every nook and corner of the room in which the device is placed.

The filtration system of this Air Purifier is a 4-stage process comprising of a Pre-Filter, an HEPA Filter, an Activated Carbon Filter, and an Anion Generator.

The Ionizer of the Gliese Compact is an intelligent feature that works by releasing small and intense electric fields that react with positively charged elements, thus neutralizing microorganisms like mould spores, viruses, and germs.


Its advanced HEPA filter technology kills PM 2.5 particles of up to 2 microns in size and reduces their number to less than 99.9%.

The Carbon filter of the Gliese Compact is designed to eliminate various odours from the room.

It has dense carbon granules that target bad odours, harmful gases, and chemicals from the room atmosphere.

Gliese understands that such harmful gases and odours are the main cause of illnesses like irritation of eyes, the nose, lungs, and the throat. They may also cause headache and nausea in sensitive people.Gliese Compact 25-Watt HEPA Room Air Purifier Reviews India

The Gliese Compact has a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 130m3/h which is an ideal value for efficient cleansing of any room.

Other important and useful features of the Gliese Compact include three-speed settings, easy navigability, and portability of the unit, and not to mention, its ultra-silent, noise-free operation throughout the lifetime of the device.


Gliese Compact 25-Watt HEPA Room Air Purifier Review:


  • For people living close to factories or busy roads, this is a highly useful device to protect your home and family from harmful dust and chemical pollutants.
  • It is highly affordable, despite its advanced HEPA technology.


  • The body of the device is made of plastic.
  • Performs only basic air filtration.
  • Product body quality is not of the highest standards.
  • Users reported that the device makes a considerable amount of noise.


Gliese is an Indian brand mainly aimed at targeting the Indian market which demands inexpensive solutions to its dangerous pollution levels.

Despite several shortcomings, this Air Purifier does basic Air Purification well, and is adept at doing the job it is designed for.

It traps major dust particles and bad odour effectively. Also, it is very cheap which makes it immensely popular in the Indian market.

The body is not made from superior material, obviously to curb costs. Overall, this is an excellent Air Purifier if you are on a budget and you want something light and compact to carry around.

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