Different Types of Air Purifiers available in India

With the passage of time, people eventually come up with multiple ways of doing one thing. This can be applied to air purifiers, too. There are a lot of different kinds of air purifiers because there are a lot of ways to clean the air.

Each method has its own pros and cons. Therefore, it’s sensible to do a little bit of research on the types of air purifiers, before actually purchasing one. Choosing the wrong type is a calamity that’s avoidable. So, avoid it!

various types of air purifiers available in India


In India, the four most popular types of air purifiers are as follows:

  1. HEPA Technology
  2. UV Technology
  3. Negative Ion Technology
  4. Ozone Technology

HEPA Technology:

What is it?

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. In layman terms, this translates to extremely clean air, approximately 99.97% pure.

The filter of these air purifiers focus on filtering out the bacteria and other such toxic chemicals, that pollute the air.

By doing so, it creates an extremely clean, ‘air-pollution free’ environment.

When to go for such an air purifier?

A HEPA air purifier will guarantee you clean air. No doubt. But it does nothing to absorb the foul odors that surround the house/office space.

That’s a really big drawback that’s attached to these filters. On the other hand, it’s ideal for the environment friendly consumer as these air purifiers do not release any Ozone byproduct.

UV Technology:

Different types of air purifiers in India

What is it?

A UV air purifier is one which uses UV to kill harmful bacteria and viruses that frequent the air. Alone, it’s not that effective.

But in combination with HEPA technology or Carbon filter, it’s ideal. It acts like the final sieve through which the air has to pass, in the process of which, it ends up killing most of the harmful viruses.

When to opt for such an air purifier?

In all honesty, don’t go for an air purifier that employs only UV technology to its purification system. It helps in killing bacteria but doesn’t rid the air of all its particles.

Nor does it help in getting rid of odor. Ideally, opt for an air purifier that uses HEPA technology and Carbon filter technology which is then backed by a UV system.

Negative Ion Technology:

What is it?

If one gets into the detailed explanation of what negative ion technology is and how it works, you will get the ‘Chemistry class’ feeling, for sure.

So to break it down in simple word, this technology uses negative ions to eliminate all the particulate matter that’s travelling with air.

It doesn’t conventionally purify the air, no. All the particles that are travelling with air, get thrown on to some solid substance in the room and that’s where they get deposited.

Earlier in the article we spoke about how man devises multiple ways to do one thing? This technology, although highly advanced, is not the best. It can be looked at as a temporary solution, not permanent.

When to opt for such an air purifier?

For a lot of people, health concern is the underlying reason behind the purchase of an air purifier. If you belong to that category, don’t go for a negative ion air purifier.

It’s just not good enough, simple as that. Perhaps if you have extreme budgetary concerns, you can then opt for such an air purifier.

Ozone Technology:

What is it?

By now everyone knows what Ozone is. What these air purifiers do is, they produce the Ozone gas. This helps in the purification of air, at least that’s what most companies claim.

Experts on the other hand, have adopted quite a pessimistic approach towards this product. They question its impact on health and its efficiency as an air purifier.

The experts have information and statistics on their side, proving their case to be stronger. Furthermore, these air purifiers don’t even clean the air completely. They require further assistance, which doesn’t really help their cause.

When to opt for such an air purifier?

Frankly, don’t purchase such an air purifier. Not until, research proves that they don’t have a harmful effect on one’s health. Because as of now, it only points to a quicker way of getting asthma.

Hope that you have got sufficient information on various air purifiers available in the Indian market and which one is good to buy.

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