Best Moonbow Air Purifier in India

Moonbow is a brand-new company selling innovative Air Purifiers and Water Purifiers in India. Moonbow is aimed at manufacturing unique and innovative products engineered to perfection with top-class design.

Their Air Purifiers and Water Purifiers all have attractive designs and are very reasonably priced to fit all budgets. The following are 4 best Moonbow Air Purifiers in India.

Best Moonbow Air Purifier in India:

1. Moonbow AP-A8506UIA 55-Watt Air Purifier (White):Best Moonbow Air Purifiers to buy online in India

The AP-A8506UIA is a white-bodied, 55-Watt Air Purifier that works best for a 400-sq. ft. area.

It has an auto odor sensor that measures odor level and adjusts the fan speed according to odor levels.

It has ambient lights that glow soothing colors in the dark and has an exceptionally quiet operation. It is a light and portable device.

It comes with washable pre filters which can capture large particles like visible dust, human hair etc.

The UV Lamp destroys micro organism such as germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi.

It also has an indicator to let you know when to change your filter.It is worth buying due to its moderate price and features.

2. Moonbow AP-A8400UIN 55-Watt Air Purifier (White):top 4 Best Moonbow Air Purifier in India

The AP-A8400UIN is a White Air Purifier by Moonbow company.

It weighs approximately 4.2 kilograms and works best in a coverage area of 400 square feet.

Its 5-stage purification system gets rid of over 99% germs and bacteria, up to 90% odor and other contaminants.

This is also a portable Air Purifier by Moonbow.It is priced even lesser than 1st model and good choice if you are looking for an entry level air purifier.

3. Moonbow AP-A8608UIA 70-Watt Air Purifier (White):Best and popular Moonbow Air Purifier to buy in India

This Air Purifier model by Moonbow is an amazing device that does air purification for spaces spanning up to 500 square feet.

This portable Air Purifier has a 5-stage purification system .

It has a superior air filter and is compact, lightweight and can be easily carried wherever you go.

It looks stunning and also comes with beautiful ambient lights, which looks great when in operation especially nights.

It produces very less noise and has an option for sleep mode.It has easy to touch buttons for operation and comes with remote control.

4. Moonbow Car Air Purifier (Black):Best Moonbow car Air Purifier in India

The Car Purifier by Moonbow is a very attractive Air Purifier that is also compact .

It has a 4-stage purification with an HEPA filter, Pre-Filter, and Carbon Filter.

Weighing just at 798 grams, the Moonbow Car can purify air for a 20 square feet area.

It is equipped with a dust sensor that adjusts the speed of the fan according to the level of dust in the car.

Moonbow Air Purifiers are the latest and most refreshing range of Air Purifiers in the Indian market. Prices are very reasonable, and designs are trendy and inspiring. 

Go through the list and pick one based on your choice and preference.

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