Best Eureka Forbes AeroGuard Air Purifiers in India

The Eureka Forbes AeroGuard range of Air Purifiers are aimed at facilitating fresh indoor air circulation through easily installable, affordable devices.

AeroGuard Air Purifiers are designed for Cars, Washrooms, Kitchens, etc. and come with a multi-stage advanced filtration process to maximize filtration efficiency.

Even the most contaminated indoor air is safely driven out with Eureka Forbes intuitive technology.

There are different products in the AeroGuard range of Air Purifiers like the AeroGuard Wave, the AeroGuard Must, and the AeroGuard Breeze to suit different needs.

AeroGuard Air Purifiers have the most advanced filters and score top ranks in terms of design and innovation.

The following are the 3 Best AeroGuard Air Purifiers by Eureka Forbes in the Indian market which are worth the money air purifiers.

Best Eureka Forbes AeroGuard Air Purifiers in India:

#1. Eureka Forbes AeroGuard iMst 56-Watt Air Purifier (Silver):top 3 Best Eureka Forbes AeroGuard Air Purifiers in India

The Mist is a slim, attractive Air Purifier with a powerful 6-stage filtration system called ActiveShield.

It is Eureka Forbes patented filtration technology that’s built to fight any and all respiratory disease causing agents.

It has a beautiful and concise Air Quality indicator/display panel that is constantly monitoring air quality to ensure you are breathing in nothing but the most beneficial air.

It also notifies you when it’s time to replace the filters and let’s you choose optimal settings based on your room size and the degree of filtration you require.

This comes with a remote and is easily operated.The product comes with one year warranty.It has got 4 stage air flow control which is designed to adjust to multiple levels of cleaning based on the need.

This purifier won’t consume much electricity due to it’s power saving design.


#2. Eureka Forbes AeroGuard Wave 123-Watt Air Purifier (Silver):Best Eureka Forbes AeroGuard Air Purifiers to buy online in India

The Wave is the next best Air Purifier by AeroGuard with a Smart Sensor and other Intelligent Features.

It is expensive for being a 123-Watt Purifier.This has also got 6 stage advanced active shield filtration which helps to eliminate respirable airborne particles & dreaded airborne infections, making the air 99.9% pure and healthy always.

This also has got air quality indicator which helps you to check the quality of air it produces.

This has been built with intelligent technology which helps to automatically choose the best setting based on level of pollution and room size.

In terms of visual appeal, it scores a 5-star and is loaded with the most amazing features.

It comes with a smart remote for easy controlling. The Wave is the most advanced among the AeroGuard range and is ideal for large rooms.



#3. Eureka Forbes AeroGuard Breeze 22-Watt Air Purifier (Silver):

The Breeze is a small and attractive 22-Watt Air Purifiertop 3 Best Eureka Forbes AeroGuard Air Purifier in India with a circular design for 360-degree air flow.

It has a 5-stage filtration system and a special mood lamp that emits a soft and relaxing light to pull you into a blissful sleep.

It is also equipped with a Smart Protect system that is composed of a Silver Filter for inhibiting Allergens and other disease-causing micro-organisms.

It has got all the buttons in one single panel which makes it easy to operate.One unique feature of this air purifier is mood lamp,which produces a soft relaxing glow that adds to the mellow mood for a good sleep.

It’s super suction technology helps to maximize efficiency and purifies air faster.



Eureka Forbes is well known and popular brand in India when it comes to water purifiers and vacuum cleaners. It has recently released air purifiers which are quietly becoming more popularin India.

Eureka Forbes AeroGuard Air Purifiers are built to last and are very silent. Protect your children, your family, and yourself with Eureka Forbes care.

Choose one wisely from the best Eureka Forbes brand air purifiers mentioned above and always breathe clean air.

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