Best Crusaders Company Air Purifiers in India

Crusaders is an Indian brand that manufactures Air Purifiers that are technologically advanced and visually attractive.

They will enhance the beauty of your home or office space and continuously work to provide a clean and healthy environment for your family or co-workers.

Crusaders’ Air Purifiers are engineered to perfection and are designed to match the beauty of your surroundings.

The following are 5 best Air Purifiers by Crusades company which are worth looking before making a decision to buy an air purifier.

Best Crusaders Company Air Purifiers in India:

1. Crusaders Floor Mounted Air Purifier XJ-3800-1:Best Crusaders Company Air Purifiers in India

The XJ-3800-1 is a floor-mounted Air Purifier that can be installed in closed room environments like Bedrooms, Offices, and Hospitals.

It has a UV Germicidal Tube that keeps disease-causing bacteria/germs at bay, and the Ionizer collects dust and dirt.

This Air Purifier can be installed in a room with floor area spanning 300-750 square feet.

Pet Owners, Allergy patients, and people seeking a clean environment will immensely benefit from installing this Air Purifier by Crusader.

2. Crusaders Table Top Air Purifier XJ-2800:

Best Crusaders brand Air Purifiers in IndiaThe XJ-2800 is a Table Top Air Purifier by Crusaders that has a 6-stage filtration system combining a pre-filter, electrostatic plasma, HEPA, Activated Carbon, UV Irradiation, Ioniser, and Composite Air.

It is a small, compact device. The XJ-2800 performs efficient Air Filtration in an area spanning 150-180 sq. feet.

If you or a family member is suffering from Asthma, Bronchitis, TB, or Allergies, seriously consider investing in this Air Purifier for speedy recovery.

3. Crusaders Floor Mounted Air Purifier XJ-3900-A:Best Crusaders Air Purifier in India

This Floor Mounted Air Purifier features a 6-stage Filtration System combining an HEPA Filter and a Carbon Filter.

This floor mounted Air Purifier has a washable pre-filter that blocks out large dust and polluting particles.

It also has an Ioniser that keeps smoke and bad odor at bay. This is a long-lasting device and is the best Air Purifier to keep the intense Air Pollution levels in India well outside the confines of your lovely home.

4. Crusaders Floor Mounted Air Purifier XJ-2900:Top 6 Best Crusaders Air Purifiers in India

The XJ-2900 works best in an area spanning 320 sq. feet.

This is a fully remote controlled, 6 stage Air Purifier that has several smart functionalities like Auto Mode, Sleep Mode, Time Mode, Smart UV Mode, and Anion Mode.

It will successfully remove all harmful gases in homes and offices like Formaldehyde, Ammonia, Benzene, TVOC, Hydrogen Sulphide, etc., released by Plywood, Furniture, Wallpapers, Carpets, Curtains, and Bedspreads.

5. Crusaders XJ-4001B Floor Console Air Purifier:top 6 Best Crusaders Air Purifier to buy online in India in 2017

The XJ-4001B is a Floor Console Smart Air Purifier that works best for areas spanning 800 sq. ft.

It is a smart Air Purifier with features like Night Mode, Silent Mode, Wind Speed Adjustment, Timer Mode, Smart UV Mode and, Anion Mode.

The Air purification System of the XJ-4001B combines a Photo Catalytic UV Oxidation System, HEPA filter and Carbon Filter that removes all Dust, Pollen, Allergens, Smoke, Odour, Bacteria, Viruses, etc.

Go through the list of top air purifiers from Crusaders brand and pick one that best serves your purpose.

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