Best Budget Friendly Small Air Purifiers in India

The Indian customer is a very price conscious customer. The sooner a company realises this fact, the sooner they succeed. What this translates to is, a number of price-ranges within the product.

Air purifier manufacturers have realised this and therefore, today, we see a number of different kinds of air purifiers coming in various different price-ranges.

Air purifiers within the price range of 0-10,000 INR actually fall on the lower end of the price spectrum. In this article, we will cover five such models with some information on their specs.

Top 5 Best Budget Friendly Small Air Purifiers for Home in India:

1.Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20 Air Purifier:

 Budget friendly and affordable small air purifiers in IndiaThe Philips 1000 series is one of the first series of air purifiers that they released in India.

After it came the Philips 2000 and Philips 3000 series, respectively.

VitaShield IPS technology is the secret behind its effectiveness with regard to air purification.

It’s ideal placement is in a bedroom as it’s effective only up to 63 sq mt. This particular model has a lot of features embedded into it.

Air quality control with real time feedback, child-lock, ultra-silent night mode are just some of its features.

2.MI Air Purifier 2:

 Best small air purifier for home with price below 10,000MI make full use of the advantages that technology brings to the table.

Demonstrating just that, is this model, an upgrade on the first MI air purifier.

Despite being more compact in size, it still takes just 10 minutes to circulate air within a 21m room.

The dirty air goes through 3 different layers of filter before being released as clean, pure air.

There’s absolutely no need to wear ear muffs. The coolest aspect about this air purifier is that it can be controlled using the MI Home app.

3.SToK ST-AG01 40-watt air purifier with remote control:

Best small air purifier with price below 10000 in India

The most important thing in an air purifier is its efficiency. Everything else comes second. This opinion is shared across many different users.

So let’s look at that first. It uses a 4-tier air filtration system.

These filters ensure that the air you breathe ultimately is pure and rid of most pollutants. Now that’s a standard air purifier.

To help claim one model, superior to another, the manufacturers input certain features into these devices.

For example: some of the features that this model is equipped with include: Speed controlling function, dust and odour sensors, sleeping mode etc.

4.AIRVITA Q Air Purifier – Made in Korea:

 Top 5 best budget friendly air purifiers for small rooms at homeThere’s something really unique about this air purifier, that truly differentiates it from all the others that are available in the market.

It has a certification stating that, it protects people from the nearly fatal, H1N1 virus. Health freaks, look no more.

It’s extremely compact in size, doesn’t require much maintenance and well, it’s quite cheap too.

Apart from the whole protection from swine flu, it also works like a normal air purifier, getting rid of all the pollutants that are present in the air.


5.Moonbow AP-A8506UIA 55 watt Air Purifier:

 Budget friendly small air purifiers to buy online in IndiaMoonbow has just joined the party. It’s one of the newest companies to have entered this particular industry.

Started in 2015, slowly and steadily its establishing a market share for itself.

Why? Well, for starters the filtration technique adopted by its air purifiers is extremely effective.

The polluted air passes through five stages, each eliminating some matter.

It works at utmost efficiency in a 400 sq ft area. There’s one really cool thing about this air purifier.

It automatically senses the odor of the air in the surrounding environment and adjusts the fan speed accordingly. What can be said but the machine’s got a fine nose.

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