Best BionAire Air Purifier in India

BionAire is a company aimed at providing innovative solutions to improve indoor living. They manufacture a range of indoor devices like Air Purifiers, Filters, Humidifiers/Dehumidifiers, Heaters, Fans, etc.

They are made with three very important factors in mind; Quality, Design, and Technological Superiority. BionAire understands that since homes these days are mostly air-tight, the need for breathable, clean, and healthy air is crucial for good health.

BionAire Air Purifiers are built with HEPA filtration technology and are well equipped to fight for all types of home air purification needs.

Best BionAire Air Purifier in India:

#1. BionAire BAP1551B-IN 55-Watt Tower Air Purifier:Best BionAire Air Purifier to buy online in India

The BAP1551B-IN is a tower shaped purifier available in two stylish colours, Black and Silver. It is an affordable air purifier and is designed to remove common home air pollutants like dust, pollen, mould, pet dander, organic fumes, tobacco smoke, etc.

It has HEPA filters and targets air borne pollutant particles larger than 2 microns in size. BionAire Purifiers are talk of the town for having long lasting filters that demand basic care and maintenance.



#2. BionAire BAP520W 82-Watt HEPA Air Purifier:

Best BionAire brand Air Purifiers in India in 2017

The BAP520W is the second-best Air Purifier by BionAire brand. It is best suited for medium-sized rooms of up to 374 square feet in size.

The Ionization feature in this model is optional. It is an attractive, tower-shaped model in White/Black colours.

It has a pre-filter that’s washable, 2 HEPA filters, and 4 Carbon filters. The filter technology is advanced and the model has great design.

Although users have reported that the operation of this Purifier is noisier than desirable, overall it is an efficient product.



Top 3 Best BionAire Air Purifier to buy from online in India

#3. BionAire BAP600HWH 33-Watt Air Purifier:

The BAP600HWH is an oval-shaped Purifier from BionAire company in India. Integrated filter type is HEPA and it has an optional Ioniser.

This inexpensive air purifier targets common air pollutants like dust, pollen and odour. It is small, compact, and very stylish to place anywhere in your home.

It requires only 33 Watts of power to function, making it very energy efficient. This pretty, white Air Purifier by BionAire is the best pick if you’re looking for a budget purifier since it does not compromise on quality and features.


BionAire’s products are built by bringing together technology, nature, art, and science in the subtlest way possible. BionAire Air Purifiers are designed and manufactured by the most skilled Engineers and Product Managers after spending countless hours on Research.

Most of their products are moderately priced/inexpensive and are affordable to all. Choose from one among the above 3 best Air Purifiers by BionAire and you can keep all the pollution out of your house forever.

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