Best Air Purifiers with Remote control to buy in India

The air purifier industry is a rapidly growing industry. Why?

Because of us itself, humans. For centuries now, we have been polluting the earth’s environment, air included, as a result of which today, air pollution has reached levels which are nearly intolerable.

Air pollution at a macroscopic level, has a number of ill effects on the environment and on life.  That’s why air purifier’s, as commodities, are slowly and steadily gaining the status of a necessity.

As a byproduct of this increase in demand, companies are developing new and unique models, with added features and benefits. One such popular feature is a remote control.

Given below are five popular air purifiers, which come with a remote control for easy handling of the device.

Best Air purifiers with remote control in India:

1.Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 7-Stage Purification 350 sq. ft., 225m3/hr. air flow HEPA Air Purifier with Remote Control:

Best air purifier with remote control option in India
In every air filter, the most important thing is it’s efficiency in terms of air purification.

In that regards, the technology that this model is based on; 7-Stage air filtration technology, ensures that pollutants, to a great extent are gotten rid off effectively.

This device works best within a range of 350 sq ft. Apart from the remote control, it has a couple of other features as well, that make it attractive in the eyes of the customers.

Examples of some of these features are: auto start in case of power failures, different speed modes, night mode etc.



2.SToK ST-AG01 40 -Watt HEPA Air Purifier with Remote Control:

Top 5 best remote controlled air purifier in India

STok is a company that’s trying to gain traction in this industry which is otherwise dominated by the likes of Atlanta Healthcare, Philips, Panasonic, Honeywell and so on.

This model is very reasonably priced and is ideal for spaces less than 320 sq ft. The advanced filtration system is made up of 4 filters, each designed to eliminate a particular kind of pollutant.

Just as in an AC, you can set the device on ‘sleep mode’ at night times, or whenever you are catching on some sleep.


3.H3O VE1 7-Stage Purification 370 sq. ft., 235m3/hr. air flow HEPA Cluster Indoor Air Purifier with Remote Control, Air Quality Sensor:

Good quality and popular air purifier with remote control to buy in India
As the name suggests, the air purification process that’s employed by this air purifier is thorough, in the light that the air goes through seven different stages of purification.

Each filtration stage has a purpose. After purification the air that you breathe is clean and odourless. It’s perfect for spaces that don’t exceed the dimensions of 370 sq ft.

Another really beneficial feature of this particular model is that it has an inbuilt air quality sensor as well.


4.Lifelong Breathe Healthy 15-Watt Room Air Purifier (White):

 Top 5 best air purifiers with remote control option in India

If you really need an air purifier but are on a tight budget, then this is a model that you should definitely look at.

The price in no way, is an indication on the compromise of this model’s effectiveness. It has an advanced HEPA and carbon air filtration technology that ensures the elimination of nearly 99% of the pollutants that’s present in air.

The device isn’t really noisy which is actually a noteworthy asset, since a lot of air purifiers tend to generate a lot of noise while in operation.


5.Atlanta Healthcare Tornado Pure 7-Stage Purification 150 sq. ft., 93m/hr. air flow HEPA Air Purifier with Remote Control (White & Maroon):

Air purifiers with remote control in India

This is Atlanta Healthcare’s version of a budget friendly air purifier. The model incorporates the same 7-stage air filtration technology that’s characteristic of all Atlanta Healthcare air purifiers.

What’s different however, is its effectiveness in a large area. Small in size, it’s ideal range of effectiveness is only 150 sq ft, Other than that blip, all its other features actually make it a very good fit for the price.

Some examples of the features of this model are: super silent working, different fan speed modes, timers, etc.

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