Best Air Purifiers under 15,000 Rupees in India

How many people would love to own an air purifier?

If you conduct a survey, many people would say: Sure, why not.

If life was so simple, everyone would actually be owning one. The truth is, life’s hard. We have to make choices and sometimes, even compromises. But there is always an option.

Want an air purifier? Go purchase one. It doesn’t matter what your budget is. These days, they are available in a whole range of prices. That’s why we have articles such as this. So specific.

Here goes the list

Best Air Purifiers with price below 15,000 Rupees in India:

1.Panasonic F-PXF35MKU(D) 2 watt Air Purifier:

 Best air purifier under 15000 in IndiaThis air purifier from Panasonic brand works on the nanoe technology. So what? Well, the nanoe technology it incorporates is responsible for the devices long life and extreme effectiveness with regards to air purification.

The intellectual property rights for this technology is owned by Panasonic.

Apart from that, there’s a composite filter that’s made up of three different layers.

The device works best within a range of 280 sq mt.

2.Kent Aura 45-Watt Room Air Purifier (White):

 Best branded air purifier under 15k in IndiaThe air treated by this purifier from Kent passes through 5 different filters, each targeting a particular kind of pollutant that’s to be eliminated for clean, pure and breathable air.

Kent has addressed simplicity in the design as well as the operations aspect of this product.

The noise is kept to an absolute minimum and it also has some additional attractive features like child lock and auto-switch off.

3.Eureka Forbes Aeroguard Mist 56-watt Silver colour air purifier:

 Top 5 best air purifier with cost below 15000 to buy from online stores in IndiaEureka Forbes is another big company that’s started selling air purifiers not too long ago.

Best Aero Guard Air Purifiers

Naturally , they have adopted their own air filtration technique that ensures that the air passes through 6 layers of filters.

When the filters need to be changed, one is alerted in the form of an alarm.

Using it is super easy and one also has the option to change the speed of it, if required.

The built-in sleep mode proves to be another standard, yet useful feature.

4Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 HEPA Air Purifier:

 Best quality Air purifiers under 15000 in India in 2017Among consumers, Atlanta Healthcare is a very popular brand because of the price of its products and the features that they come with.

That’s not saying that they are the leaders but they do represent value for money, better than some of the other brands.

This model adopts a 7-stage filtration process to ensure that the air in the surrounding environment is pure.

What’s its range? Well, it works best in a room that’s 350 sq mt. Fan speeds, timers, night mode, minimal sound etc. are some of the features of this product.

5.Crusaders Floor Mounted Air Purifier XJ-2900:

 Good Air purifiers below 15000 to buy online in India from reputed companiesCrusaders is a company that’s main product itself is air purifiers.

Best Crusaders Air purifiers

Their models of air purifiers are quite different when compared to those sold by others.

The main way to operate it is via a digital touch panel, that’s attached on the surface of the air purifier.

But of course, it can also be controlled with a remote. It’s ideal range is 320 sq mt. Getting to the air filtration part.

A 6 stage air filtration system is used in this device that gets rid of a major chunk of the pollutants present in air.

A couple of its noteworthy features include an auto smart mode, wind speed adjustment and smart UV and anion mode.

Go through the list and pick one according to your choice of brand and budget.

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