Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 7-Stage Purification 350 sq. ft. Air Purifier Review

The Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 is a large Air Purifier with a 7- stage purification system comprising a pre-filter, anti-bacterial filter, H13 grade HEPA filter, Activated Carbon, Photo Catalyst, Ultra Violet filter, and Ioniser.

This Air Purifier can be used around Children, in Clinics, Small Offices, Libraries, Rooms, etc.

It is a large Air Purifier but priced moderately and competes against other entry level air purifiers in India.

This white-bodied Air Purifier from Atlanta is quite affordable unlike Air Purifiers from bigger brands like Philips. The overall look of the device is simple and strong.Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 7-Stage Purification Air Purifier Review

The Beta 350 is a mid-range Air Purifier that keeps the indoors free of PM 2.5 and PM 10 Dust, Gases, Smoke, Bad Odour, Allergens, and air-borne infections.

It has three operation modes namely, Manual, Sleep, and Timer.

This Air Purifier has a built-in Microprocessor system, a series of filters, and motors that make less than 40-dB of noise.

The Beta 350 is integrated with Atlanta’s iCluster Technology which is a multi-stage synchronised air filtration process.


The first stage of Air Filtration is the Pre-Filter that removes all the coarse air particles before the air is passed on to the next stage of Filtration.

The second stage is the Anti-Bacterial Filter. This is a 5-micron filter that consists of antimicrobial agents to kill bacteria in the air.

The third stage of Air Filtration is an H13 HEPA Filter. This filter removes fine dust particles of size less than 0.3 Microns.

A Carbon Filter is the fourth stage of filtration; the next stage is the Photo Catalytic Oxidation filter followed by the UV filter.


Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 7-Stage Purification 350 sq. ft. Air Purifier Review :

Pros:Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 Air Purifier Review

  • Portable, Light-Weight, and Compact.
  • Inexpensive Air Purifier.
  • Displays Airflow Delivery Rate
  • It is a Fully Remote Controlled Air Filter.


  • This Air Purifier has an Ioniser. Ionisation is deemed harmful for regular use due to the side effects caused by Ions produced during filtration.
  • There is no timer mode in this Purifier.
  • The device is noisy, exceeding 45 dB some times, making it inconvenient to be around all day.


The Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 is a plug and play, easy to use Air Purifier that can be plugged into a 5 Amps Power Supply.

Installation and User Interface is very easy for all members of the family. Cleaning and Maintenance of the Atlanta Beta 350 are surprisingly super-smooth, requiring little effort.Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 7-Stage Purification 350 sq. ft. Air Purifier Reviews in India

The pre-filter can be cleaned by washing it with water. Absolutely no harm will arise to the device by doing this.

The HEPA and Carbon filters can be cleaned using a Vacuum Cleaner. The Ion Generator inside the Purifier is astonishing, also washable with water.

Apart from these filters, the Purifier also has 4 Ion-generating Carbon Fibre heads that can be cleaned easily.

The Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 is a cost-effective Air Purifier that is best suited to be used for small offices, studio apartments, or bedrooms.

Although the noise level is high and the Ioniser is not a premium-grade, this is still an efficient product for occasional use.

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