Air Purifier – Why is it that they are increasingly becoming a necessity in Indian Cities?

Over the past year, India has been in the headlines of news channels for a lot of reasons. Demonitization, surgical strikes and what not. The media covered another, very important issue this year. Pollution.

Widespread coverage on this issue, especially of its impact in the capital city, Delhi, has definitely caught the attention of the masses.

Icing on the cake? Or, more like adding fuel to fire, according to research  conducted by  Greenpeace, approximately 1.2 million people in India die every year due to air pollution.

Perhaps, that’s why air purifiers are becoming a necessity for every Indian household.

Why are Air purifiers becoming a necessity these days in Indian cities

Air pollution results in a number of respiratory diseases. Asthma, bronchitis, decrease in lung capacity, accelerated aging of lungs, etc. are just a few examples.

Air purifiers don’t work like medicines do. There is no immediate, healing effect perse. They are however,  incredibly adept in creating an environment, such that, people, especially those who are  suffering from respiratory diseases get access to clean and breathable air.

In the market, there are certain air purifiers that cleanse the air in a manner that people with respiratory issues benefit from. That’s their most important function: helping out people with respiratory diseases.

And keeping this in mind, one can say that the correlation between, the demand for air purifiers and the rise in air pollution is positive. A sad, yet truthful fact.

There are other reasons too, why air purifiers are gaining traction in today’s market. These appliances assist, to quite an extent,  the maintenance of a home, or an indoor garden.

They prevent dust from accumulating on furniture and other household items, which in turn reduces the cleaning time and cost, too.

Similarly, air purifiers help eliminate all the foul odour that circulates in the house, converting it into clean and fresh air. A trade-off, that’s a no-brainer.

To conclude, one can say that the changes in one’s lifestyle and the growing respiratory complications arising from airborne pollution, are perhaps, the two most important factors contributing to the transformation of an air purifier, from a product of luxury to a product of necessity.


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