Air Purifier vs Dehumidifier – Comparison

In the Indian subcontinent today, the demand for both: air purifiers as well as dehumidifiers is on the rise. If you are living in a city like Mumbai or Chennai, a dehumidifier could be a very useful commodity. On the other hand, in every third household in Delhi air purifiers are popping up.

Previously, a couple of years ago, the Indian population didn’t understand the utility of these two home appliances. However today, due to the changing climatic conditions and the worsening situation of air pollution in the country, people have started to take notice.

Air purifier vs Dehumidifier - Detailed comparison

Both these appliances work towards improving the air quality and making it breathable in their own, unique way. While an air purifier filters out as many of the impurities that reside in air, a dehumidifier works by sweeping out the moisture that’s present in the air to such an extent that bacteria and other moulds can’t thrive in it.

While one is primarily centered to the goal of ‘clean, pure and breathable air’, the other focuses on creating a comfortable breathing environment.

Given below is a table, that highlights some of the key differences between these two products:

Air Purifier Dehumidifier
●       An air purifier is primarily used to filter out all the impurities present in air. ●       A dehumidifier is used to bring the humidity level to a level that’s comfortable.
●       The maintenance of an air purifier is simpler, as it generally requires periodical looking to. (Eg: once every 6 months) ●       Dehumidifiers need to be tended to often. They need to cleaned to ensure that they work efficiently at their maximum capacity for long.
●       You get air purifiers that function as dehumidifiers, as well. ●       You don’t get dehumidifiers that function as air purifiers.
●       Installing an air purifier is applicable anywhere in the world. ●       Generally people are advised to purchase dehumidifiers in countries with high humidity. (A benchmark of above 55% can be used)

These are the differences between the two products. There is one close similarity too, that brings them together.

The purchase of both these appliances is advisable for patients who are suffering from some kind of allergy. How? Why? Both of them help eliminate those allergens that are present in the air and create some kind of irritation.

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