Air Purifier Selection Guide – What to check before buying?

People hesitate buying appliances when they don’t have enough knowledge about them. Such an attitude is natural and actually, smart even.

But today, with information available at the tips of one’s fingers, people can no longer give the ‘lack of information’ about a product as an excuse.

Air purifiers are appliances that still aren’t very popular in the Indian market. The conception is that only people suffering from some kind of allergy or respiratory issue need to purchase one.

Air purifier selection guide in India - What to look for before buying a good air purifier for your home

Well, for such people it’s almost like a necessity but the rest of the population too, can benefit from an air purifier.

We aren’t getting into the details of what these benefits are, instead, this article will guide you through the next phase.

Once you are convinced that you need to purchase an air purifier, what next?

Here are a couple of things that you must consider before taking that final leap:

Size of your room: Before you purchase an air conditioner, what’s the first thing that you do? You check the size of your room and accordingly, look for an air conditioner of suitable tonnage.

While buying an air purifier, the same principle applies. Know the exact dimensions of the room, where you want to install the appliance. There is no ‘tonnage’ as such in air purifiers but each air purifier has it’s own optimal capacity.

Air purification system: One really important thing about air purifiers is that they are distinguished amongst themselves, primarily on the basis of the air purification system each one incorporates.

On the basis of the technology they incorporate, they are divided into different types of air purifiers. Each particular type of air purifier has its own pros and cons. It’s absolutely imperative to align your needs/wants to the different types of these air purifiers.

For example: Let’s say, you are primarily concerned not with air purification but with eliminating the foul odour that resides in the air present in a particular room. If that’s the case, it makes sense for you to choose an air purifier that uses carbon filtration, rather than HEPA air purification.

This was just an example. Today, there are a lot of air purifiers available in the market that make use of multiple air purification methods, to give the customers the best of what technology has to offer.

Features: Before you purchase any product, you look at its features. These days nobody has to even ask you specifically to look at them. This goes with all products and not only air purifiers.

People look at features because that’s what sets two different models of air purifiers apart from each other. The features of the product translate to the product’s efficiency, effectiveness and ultimately, it’s usefulness.

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